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  • #tbt I love the alllll da muscle I’ve built since this pic was taken, but I won’t lie, I miss this physique and leanness 💃 let’s see what we can bring into this summer 🤔😎 #fitnessmotivation
    Kara Stephens #tbt I love the alllll da muscle I’ve built since this pic was taken, but I won’t lie, I miss this physique and leanness 💃 let’s see what we can bring into this summer 🤔😎 #fitnessmotivation

    #tbt I love the alllll da muscle I’ve built since this pic was taken, but I won’t lie, I miss this physique and leanness 💃 let’s see what we can bring into this summer 🤔😎 #fitnessmotivation

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“Be yourself, be yourself, be yourseeeeeeelf!”⁣
#namethatmovie #amidoingthisright #lol
Can’t come up with anything better than “Here’s my face.” Soooo... here’s my face. 🦕🦖 #selfie #shorthairdontcare
LOL at my squinty little eyes through my sunglasses 😂 THIS IS THE BEST DAY/WEATHER, Y’ALL.  #summertimeismybestfriend #trynaburn #gimmedasun
Definitely didn’t just take this because I’m currently car-less until I get a rental today, and the insurance adjuster comes tomorrow. 😅😂 #vroomvroom ⁣
But in spite of what we cannot control, remember what we can. It’s Monday, y’all! A new week. A fresh start! What you choose to do/say/think sets the tone for your week. Whatever may come your way today, take hold of what you can choose and have control over— happiness, love, forgiveness— and go confidently into this week knowing it all works out in the end! #zoominonmygrayhair #itswildin
How karma’s looking at some of y’all lol 👁 #gotem
Happy Wednesday! 🥰
Cheesin’ hard through a broken, blurry camera, don’t judge hahaha! Buuuuuut this is about as much definition as I’ve got going these days 😂 taking sugar out of my diet for Lent (okay, I’m not perfect. I’ve had a slip up or two, mmmmm or three), has actually made me feel so much better (whata surprise lol)! Aiming to maintain this habit, espesh as we head into summaaaa 💪🏼🤘🏼
Selenaaaaaas 💃
Gosh, haven’t done a side by side in a while!⁣
Left: 2.5 years ago⁣
Right: 4 days ago⁣
For those of you who don’t know me from childhood on, I didn’t grow up overweight. I was an incredibly active kid and teenager. It started with ballet, finding my way to soccer (which I hated hahaha who wants to learn to dribble?! Just let me ruuuuuuun! 😂), to t-ball, to softball and basketball, to which I finally made my way to volleyball and track, my two loves. I’ve always been athletic, and my physique showed it. ⁣
Fast forward to my move to Dallas 3 years ago, aaaaaand we’ve made it to the photo on the left. ⁣
I’d become incredibly inactive. The exhaustion of my first year on night shift had caught up to me, and I got lazy. Result? Eating everything in sight (lez be real, I still do. #teamnoabs), and sleeping allllll day, every day. Not a combo I’d suggest lol. Easily packed on 20 lbs. 1 year into living here, I decided I needed to get back to my core, who I was, who my body wanted and was made to be. Active and athletic. ⁣
Fast forward through the last 2 years, and we’ve made it to the pic on the right. ⁣
I’ve learned so much about self love, confidence, all the typical cliches people talk about after losing weight, and ya know what? They are absolutely true. You can’t love yourself OR others when you’re in a constant war with yourself. You cannot hate yourself into change. It’s willpower to physically move and choose yourself and your health that brings that change for you. And lemme tell ya, THERE IS SO MUCH FREEDOM once you’re there. ⁣
It won’t happen over night. Heck, I made the choice to do something about the way I felt, mentally and physically, 2 years ago and I’m still progressing, learning, and changing. But what gets you there is consistency, putting your head down and getting. the job. done. ⁣
Find a good support group. Surround yourself with people who uplift and encourage you. They will help you get there. You can do this. I believe in you. Just take it one day at a time! 💕💪🏼
“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.” - Viktor Frankl⁣
Maaaan, I have been wrestling with that space a lot lately. It isn’t always the easiest place to be. Allowing yourself to fully settle there, soak in, marinate, completely rumble through all your thoughts, emotions, and immediate/future reactions, gives you the chance to 1) respond completely, and in a way that, by whatever moral compass you follow and the means to which got you to your choice of response, is best for you, and 2) learn more about yourself. You’re able to reflect on why the stimuli affected you the way it did, and you give yourself the ability to work through those emotions/reactions more fully. ⁣
Utilize the power of that space. Take your time. You don’t have to rush it. Autonomy is your. The ability to be in control of your emotions and responses is yours. All you have to do is recognize that space in between, and take hold.
Fashun hunty for her ten trillionth car selfie 😘 #whoisshe
Triple Threat headed to Ella Mai 🥰💃
This is the best weather to ever have weathered ☀️🥰 ⁣
A little reminder on such a beautiful day: don’t be afraid to love. No better day than today to hold those near and dear to you a little closer. 💕
🌶🥰💃 #rhcp ⁣
📷: @djfrankdux
First day of Spring! First day of Spring! 💐💕 I can’t wait for spring showers and warmer weather!⁣
Fun fact: I was raised in Texas, but born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 🤠 #yeehaw #yall⁣ #cityslicker ⁣
📸: @djfrankdux

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