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  • Cleansing my mind, body & soul in ANY WAY POSSIBLE - whether that’s from working out, meditating, eating vegan, studying... doesn’t matter - as long as it’s something that removes toxins from the body I’m doing it 🥝 Okay nobody is perfect... I like turning up sometimes lol & I can accept to allow myself to enjoy life and cheat 1% of the time... I’m doing what I can as much as possible thoughhh to make sure I look after this temple called my body... 21 DAYS STRAIGHT UNTIL IT BECOMES A HABIT... no pain go gainnnzzz 🤷🏻‍♀️🔥 . #GlowFromWithin . VISUALZ: @alphaxnomad 🔥

    Cleansing my mind, body & soul in ANY WAY POSSIBLE - whether that’s from working out, meditating, eating vegan, studying... doesn’t matter - as long as it’s something that removes toxins from the body I’m doing it 🥝 Okay nobody is perfect... I like turning up sometimes lol & I can accept to allow myself to enjoy life and cheat 1% of the time... I’m doing what I can as much as possible thoughhh to make sure I look after this temple called my body... 21 DAYS STRAIGHT UNTIL IT BECOMES A HABIT... no pain go gainnnzzz 🤷🏻‍♀️🔥
    VISUALZ: @alphaxnomad 🔥

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✍️ For those who take a minute to read this - this may be the answer to countless problems🗝: .

How can you let anything external from you, affect what’s within you?🧬 How can you let life events, the weather, people’s actions and opinions... affect the energy INSIDE of you? Know you’re happy, you’re a good person... and let life happen around you🌎 Embrace it, communicate with it... just don’t let it affect your energy✨. .
You’ve got to be completely detached from everything - material possessions, people, experiences👣 You can love these things, care for them & enjoy them without being attached to them💕 Basing your happiness or wholeness on external factors will never result in pure happiness - EVER. It’s a temporary fix and you won’t achieve full enlightenment this way. When you’re whole inside, and have enough love inside of you - you don’t need anything external of yourself to complete you💎. .
True enlightenment happens when you don’t want/expect anything more🙏 By wanting true enlightenment you’re actually holding yourself back from it - true enlightenment comes from being completely WHOLE in this moment just the way it is. This has been a focus for me to deal with because I’m a VERY emotional person - I deeply care for those around me, I even cry for those who hurt me when I see them in pain🗡 I love a lot, and when I love I LOVE DEEP... however I’m currently mastering how to allow my own love within myself to be detached from that🧘🏼‍♀️ Protect your energy, protect your soul - at the end of it all that’s the only thing that goes with you when you leave this human experience 🔮
#GlowFromWithin #GlowTravelTrade
Made $277 in the last 7 hours while I was chilling on the beach being a mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️ I didn’t lift a finger, didn’t even look at a chart... I just allowed the power of AI to bless my trading account with some of the best trading I’ve ever seen🤖 Fully automated - set it and forget it! .
I had enough of working for money, and sent my money off to go and work for me... it’s been working hard - and I’m so proud of it 💸☺️💕
#Artificialintelligence #ArtificialGlow #GlowTravelTrade
Looking out over the sunset in Miami on a Sunday evening surrounded by amazing friends… wondering how all the girls in high school are? The ones who bullied me for being too smart, too skinny and too nice🤷🏻‍♀️ & Grateful for them too... even though it got so bad that I had to change school and forfeit my private school scholarship, which led me to a whole unfortunate journey that I didn’t understand the meaning of until now... These events shaped me, grew me, inspired me to be an entrepreneur, and led me to the people I know now who have changed my life. I’m grateful they kind of ruined my educational experience - because I don’t want a job 🙂 THANK YOU universe for your strange ways of guiding me to the best destination, even if the journey seems like it’s going completely the wrong way… I’ll always have faith and keep going. So to those girls, I just wanna say thank you and ask you one thing… who’s laughing now?😜
#NeverLetAHaterStealYourGlow #GlowTravelTrade
Some people have that fire in their eyes... that burning desire in the depths of their soul to achieve their dreams... protecting their vision like a mother would her child... they’d sacrifice anything & EVERYTHING for it... it’s like it’s in their DNA 🧬 #GlowGetter #GlowGoals
The powerful energy of the universe is within your very own hands 🤲 to unlock your magic - first dream big, then work hard and most importantly LOVE DEEP. ✨🗝 #GlowPower #GlowTravelTrade
THIS YEAR IS MY BAMBOO YEAR...🎋 Yes I’m a bamboo tree... as we all are 🤔 Why you ask?🤨
Well... A bamboo tree shows NO signs of growth in the first four years... literally still a tiny leaf in the soil...🌱 during this time though you have to NURTURE it, 💕 constantly watering it... and then in the fifth year a MIRACLE happens✨... the incredible bamboo tree GROWS 80 FEET IN JUST 6 WEEKS!🔥🎋🤯
I’ve been grinding LITERALLY blood, sweat and tears the last 4 and a bit years... investing my last pennies into my business to the point I have no money for food or rent, working so hard I ended up in the hospital, I don’t advise this at all but it happened❌ I sacrificed EVERYTHING for my goals... And I actually had a great time doing it, I learn so much, met amazing people & created the greatest memories📖.. however I was still beneath the soil in terms of the success I felt I deserved💸... what’s most important though is that I GREW into the person I needed to become🔨... it was all worth it... diamonds can only be made under extreeeeme pressure... I wouldn’t CHANGE A THING... NEVER GIVE UP, the results you want may not show for a while, have faith and keep fighting🙏... I already see the growth happening... & THIS YEAR I’M SHOOTING 7 FIGURES HIGH INTO THE SKYYYY🚀🔮🔭💎
He said do you love me... I told him only partly... I only love my breadddd and my Daddyyyy I’m sorryyyyy 🤷🏻‍♀️🍞💰👨‍👧💕 #DaddysLilGirl #Glow
VisualzZz: @young.dreamerz ✨
Nourish your soul with joy, peace & love... In the way that works for you... it will give you clarity, re-energise you, & make you more effective in everything you do🎋🧘🏼‍♀️✨ #GlowTravelTrade .
Visualz by the amazing @young.dreamerz 🏆
IF YOU’RE THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM... YOU’RE IN THE WRONG ROOM!! It might feel nice & comfortable but it won’t grow you.. A growth environment is somewhere where other people are ahead of you... having mentors around you who tell you what you NEED to hear, not want to hear 👂 Sometimes they gotta be a bit meaner & let you know you’re slacking... put pressure on you to level up... Don’t get emotional, don’t crawl back to the room where everyone looked up to you just to satisfy your ego... instead be a student always, coachable, humble & ready to take constructive criticism📝 .
Grateful to have the best mentor by my side daily... giving me that tough love & guidance to help me achieve my dreams... we spend most the day laughing and when it’s needed he’ll tell me the truth even if it hurts... cause that’s what real friends do! @Arsalanxjan even without you saying a word I’m learning GOLD just by watching your example🙏 .
Sometimes the best way you help those around you is not by chilling with them, wasting time, turning up, gossiping... but by setting an example of work ethic & FOCUS... & ultimately showing them what’s POSSIBLE... .
Throwwwback to when I lived in Dubai 18 months ago working deep in the Forex industry - learning the game from EVERY ANGLE 📈🌴#GlowTravelTrade
Sacrificing nights out for days grinding, designer clothes for business expansion, watching movies for reading books, comfort food for healthy food & sleeping in for working out.... NO GRIT NO PEARL... Excited to get as uncomfortable as possible. Blood, sweat & tears!!! WHATEVER IT TAKES 🦁🔥#GlowTravelTrade
A lot of people ask me WHY GLOW? So here is my definition of GLOW: To Glow is to shine from within, as a result of reaching heightened health, happiness and prosperity. It’s to know ones purpose and be strongly aligned, pursuing this ultimate goal daily. Pouring this glow into others is part of the enjoyment, as you radiate positivity and strength everywhere you go. It means to be connected on a higher level, wiser on a deeper level, and having a mindset on another level.  We can all glow: Simply work out regularly, eat healthy and pure, have integrity - always respecting others AND yourself, , give out tons of value and LOVE, work hard and SMART, discover your purpose and align with it, CHASE YOUR DREAMS, meditate, read books, expand your mind, travel the world, experience every culture, dance & sing your heart out, collect memories not items, LIVE YOUR MUFUGGIN BEST LIFE, and of course be GRATEFUL, always! Glow is the colour of your aura and the purity of your soul. Forget what you look like on the outside... Inner Glow is real beauty. ✨✨✨✨✨✨
Cozy jackets & Sunday brunches = London FeeeeelzZzZ 💕 #QuickTripHome #GlowTravelTrade
I dislocated my rib a few months ago and it left behind a lot of tension in that area so I wanted to go to a chiropractor... I’d rather share my genuine experience with you guys, first I thought 💭 that just cause I’m young that I’m bulletproof... that’s true but we also need to MAINTAIN this vehicle that we’re going to drive the most miles in (our body)... a lot of my mentors said how they would go to a chiropractor for adjustments regularly... and after my experience with @miamispine I’m definitely going to do that!!! They were so professional, made it so comfortable, NO IT DIDN’T HURT AT ALL, and felt like an iiiiinstant relief of tension 🤤✨ Check them out & definitely consider trying this out at least once !! #Ad
Baby are you workin ? #WorkHardGlowHard #GlowUpSzn .
VISUALZZZZ🔥: @young.dreamerz ✨
WORDS CAN LIE… BODY LANGUAGE CAN’T… 🤥 Facial expressions can tell us a whoooole story.. 😅😒🙄🥴🤤 Do you know what people really mean or are you taking their WORDDD for it?🗣 Communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal… SO LET’S LEARN HOW TO REALLY COMMUNICATE.. 🤓📚🧠 .
WANNA KNOW WHICH BOOK I’M READING TO LEARN THIS?🤫 Subscribe to my website (link in bio) for all the recommendations on the best books, videos & sources of personal development💡... from wealth to mindset, every skill set will be covered... are you ready to GLOW?✨ www.GlowTravelTrade.com ✨
#GlowTravelTrade #FeedYourMind
VISUALZ: @alphaxnomad 📸
Miss me wi that BS ✨🕊 #GlowVibez
VIBEZ SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS... how beautiful is your soul?🧬 Forget your eyeshadow colour... what colour is your aura?🔮 Forget how big your ass is🙄🍑... how big is your energy?✨ When you walk in a room do you bring a positive & powerful VIBE in with you... do you pour energy into people or drain energy from them? 👀🖖 VIBEZzZzZz ✨💕
#ArtBasel2018 #BasellingAround

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