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If you want to be strong, learn to fight alone ..
Weekend vibes goin’ on
Another CHEAT DAY struggle.. when you want to have your fav box of cereal, but there are at least 6x of them ..
Somewhere in the WEST, waiting for a bottle of ice cold beer.. Non alcoholic tho
Condition ready for Summer!
Enjoying autumn during June in London ..
Nothing satisfies more than the feeling when u see those veins popping after a heavy workout (after high carb meal) ..!
That satisfying DELT PUMP
Project - ME
Be your own SUPERHERO!
Fast & Furious Vibes goin’ on in Hollywood Boulevard ..
Even after living in this great city for nearly 8 years, I still find new things to experience & try!
Selfie before getting OUT!
The reason why I mostly train alone is that this way I can be 100% focused on the workout & performance. Choose your training partners wisely!
That never ending struggle, when your CHEAT DAY finally comes, but you start contemplating if those empty calories are worth consuming ..
Some light stretching in the morning mist ..
Develop right habits and watch how your life changes!